Key to Table Headings

Enumeration District 8

The whole of the Parish of Bodverin, the boundary whereof is well known.

C Born
P Born
1 Tyn Lon Hugh Williams Head Sin 56 Farmer 5 ac Carnarvon Morfa Nevin
2 Tyn Lon Jannet Williams Mother Wid 83 Farmer's Widow Carnarvon Morfa Nevin
3 Tyn Lon Ellin Warwick Sister Wid 54 Former Lodging Ho Keeper Carnarvon Edeyrn
4 Glan y Gors Ellin Davies Head Wid 58 Former Gen Servant Carnarvon Bryncroes
5 Glan y Gors Catherine Davies Daughter Sin 16 General Servant Carnarvon Bryncroes
6 Ty Hen Ellis Griffiths Head Mar 62 Farmer 130 ac Carnarvon Llangwnadle
7 Ty Hen Ann Griffiths Wife Mar 51 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llanfaelrhys
8 Ty Hen Catherine Griffiths Daughter Sin 18 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Aberdaron
9 Ty Hen Ellis Griffiths Son 14 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Aberdaron
10 Ty Hen Owen Griffiths Son 12 Scholar Carnarvon Aberdaron
11 Ty Hen Mary Griffiths Daughter 10 Scholar Carnarvon Aberdaron
12 Cae hic John Roberts Head Mar 44 Farmer 14 ac Carnarvon Llaniestyn
13 Cae hic Hannah Roberts Wife Mar 54 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Bodverin
14 Cae hic John Roberts Son Sin 18 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Bodverin
15 Cae hic Ann Roberts Daughter 15 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodverin
16 Tri hobed Robert Griffiths Head Mar 55 Farmer 18 ac Carnarvon Llangwnadle
17 Tri hobed Jane Griffiths Wife Mar 49 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llangwnadle
18 Tri hobed William Griffiths Son 16 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Bodverin
19 Ysgubor Isaf Robert Roberts Head Mar 41 Farmer 7 ac Carnarvon Bryncroes
20 Ysgubor Isaf Hannah Roberts Wife Mar 37 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Aberdaron
21 Ty Mawr Ellis Thomas Head Mar 76 Farmer 110 ac emp 1 boy Carnarvon Bodverin
22 Ty Mawr Jane Thomas Wife Mar 73 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llangwnadle
23 Ty Mawr Evan Jones S in Law Mar 51 Farmer's S in Law Carnarvon Bodverin
24 Ty Mawr Ann Jones Daughter Mar 55 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodverin
25 Ty Mawr Ellis Jones Grandson 17 Farmer's Grandson Carnarvon Bodverin
26 Ty Mawr Thomas Jones Grandson 9 Scholar Carnarvon Bodverin
27 Ty Mawr Hugh Roberts Servant Sin 19 Farm Servant Carnarvon Bodverin
28 Pen y borth Michael Jones Head Wid 57 Farmer 10 ac Carnarvon Aberdaron
29 Pen y borth Mary Roberts Servant Sin 25 General Servant Carnarvon Bryncroes
30 Pen y borth John Davies Servant's Son 9 Scholar Carnarvon Bodverin
31 Pen y borth Margaret Roberts Servant's Daugh 2 Carnarvon Bryncroes
32 Pen y borth Griffith Roberts Son 2m Carnarvon Bodverin
33 Rhwngyddwyborth Mary Jones Head Wid 69 Farmer 69 ac emp 1 boy Carnarvon Aberdaron
34 Rhwngyddwyborth Mary Jones Daughter Sin 38 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Aberdaron
35 Rhwngyddwyborth Griffith Jones Son Sin 34 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Aberdaron
36 Rhwngyddwyborth Ellis Griffiths Servant 14 Farm Servant Carnarvon Bodverin
37 Pen y Graig John Williams Head Sin 56 Farmer 30 ac Carnarvon Bodverin
38 Pen y Graig Gayney Williams Sister Sin 42 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodverin
39 Pen y Graig John Hughes Nephew Sin 17 Farmer's Nephew Carnarvon Bodverin
40 Plas Bodverin Robert Jones Head Sin 52 Farmer 82 ac emp 2+1 Carnarvon Penllech
41 Plas Bodverin Rachel Jones Servant Sin 50 General Servant Carnarvon Aberdaron
42 Plas Bodverin Lewis Roberts Servant 14 Farm Servant Carnarvon Bryncroes
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