Key to Table Headings

Enumeration District 7

The whole of the Parish of Bodverin, the boundary whereof is well known.

C Born
P Born
1 Pen y Graig John Williams Head Mar 60 Farmer 40 ac Carnarvon Bodferin
2 Pen y Graig Elizabeth Williams Wife Mar 59 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Bodferin
3 Pen y Graig John Williams Son Sin 26 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bodferin
4 Pen y Graig Evan Williams Son Sin 22 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bodferin
5 Pen y Graig Elin Williams Daughter Sin 15 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodferin
6 Pen y Graig Gaenor Williams Daughter Sin 12 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodferin
7 Pen y Graig Humphrey Williams Son Sin 17 Shopkeeper App Carnarvon Bodferin
8 Llain y Capel Ellis Griffiths Head Mar 32 Man of War Pentioner Carnarvon Llangwnadle
9 Llain y Capel Cathrine Griffiths Wife Mar 33 Man of War's Wife Carnarvon Aberdaron
10 Llain y Capel Rowlant Griffiths Son Sin 1 Man of War's Son Carnarvon Bodfean
11 Bodferin Farm Cathrine Jones Head Wid 57 Farmer 90 ac Carnarvon Bryncroes
12 Bodferin Farm Morris Jones Son Sin 38 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bryncroes
13 Bodferin Farm Robert Jones Son Sin 28 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bryncroes
14 Bodferin Farm Evan Jones Son Sin 24 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bryncroes
15 Pen y Borth Elin Griffiths Head Wid 33 Farmer 12 ac Carnarvon Meyllteyrn
16 Pen y Borth Elizabeth Griffiths Daughter Sin 8 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bottwnog
17 Pen y Borth Jane Griffiths Daughter Sin 3 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodferin
18 Glan y Gors Jane Williams Head Sin 56 Wool Spinner Carnarvon Bryncroes
19 Trihobad Griffith Ellis Head Mar 52 Farmer 18 ac Carnarvon Bodferin
20 Trihobad Jane Ellis Daughter Sin 19 House Maid Carnarvon Bodferin
21 Rhwngddwyborth William Jones Head Mar 47 Farmer 50 ac Carnarvon Llanfaelrhys
22 Rhwngddwyborth Mary Jones Wife Mar 39 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Aberdaron
23 Rhwngddwyborth William Jones Son Sin 9 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Aberdaron
24 Rhwngddwyborth Griffith Jones Son Sin 4 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Aberdaron
25 Rhwngddwyborth Jane Jones Daughter Sin 14 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Aberdaron
26 Rhwngddwyborth Mary Jones Daughter Sin 8 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Aberdaron
27 Rhwngddwyborth Cathrine Jones Daughter Sin 5 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Aberdaron
28 Caehic William Williams Head Mar 53 Joiner 12 ac Carnarvon Llannor
29 Caehic Dorothy Williams Wife Mar 31 Joiner's Wife Carnarvon Bryncroes
30 Caehic Elizabeth Williams Daughter Sin 1 Joiner's Daughter Carnarvon Bodferin
31 Ty Mawr Ellis Thomas Head Mar 42 Farmer 100 ac Carnarvon Bodferin
32 Ty Mawr Jane Thomas Wife Mar 46 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llangwnadle
33 Ty Mawr William David Servant Sin 23 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Aberdaron
34 Ty Mawr John Jones Servant Sin 18 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bodferin
35 Ty Mawr Isaac Jones Servant Sin 14 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Bryncroes
36 Ty Mawr Elin Jones Servant Sin 28 House Servant Carnarvon Bryncroes
37 Tyn lone Mary Jones Head Sin 50 Farmer 6 ac Carnarvon Bodferin
38 Tyn lone Margaret Jones Sister Sin 35 House Servant Carnarvon Bodferin
39 Tyn lone Mary Williams Niece Sin 12 Carnarvon Bodferin
40 Tyn lone William Williams Nephew Sin 11 Carnarvon Bodferin
41 Ysguborisa Richart Hughes Head Mar 42 Farmer 7 ac Carnarvon Aberdaron
42 Ysguborisa Hannah Hughes Wife Mar 44 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llaniestyn
43 Ysguborisa Robert Hughes Son Sin 9 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Aberdaron
44 Ysguborisa Hugh Hughes Son Sin 5 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Bodferin
45 Ysguborisa John Hughes Son Sin 3 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Bodferin
46 Ysguborisa Cathrine Hughes Daughter Sin 7 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bodferin
47 Tyn y ffordd John Williams Head Mar 39 Weaver Carnarvon Rhiw
48 Tyn y ffordd Cathrine Williams Wife Mar 44 Weaver's Wife Carnarvon Bodferin
49 Tyn y ffordd William Williams Son Sin 8 Weaver's Son Carnarvon Bodferin
50 Tyn y ffordd Griffith Williams Son Sin 4 Weaver's Son Carnarvon Bodferin
51 Tyn y ffordd Jane Williams Daughter Sin 11 Weaver's Daughter Carnarvon Bodferin
52 Dalarnant Rowlant Williams Head Wid 67 Farmer 10 ac Carnarvon Bryncroes
53 Dalarnant Hannah Williams Daughter Sin 22 House Servant Carnarvon Bodferin
54 Ty Hen Richart Williams Head Mar 37 Ag Lab Carnarvon Aberdaron
55 Ty Hen Elin Williams Wife Mar 45 Ag Lab's Wife Carnarvon Aberdaron
56 Ty Hen William Williams Son Sin 6 Ag Lab's Son Carnarvon Bryncroes
57 Ty Hen Jane Edmond Head Sin 90 Domestic Carnarvon Aberdaron
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