Key to Table Headings

Enumeration District 8

The whole of the Civil Parishes of Penrhos.

C Born
P Born
1 Elian Terrace 1 John Parry Head Mar 31 Quarryman Wkr Carnarvon Pwllheli Welsh
2 Elian Terrace 1 Mary Parry Wife Mar 35 Salop Oswestry Eng
3 Elian Terrace 3 Annie E Owen Daughter Sin 15 Carnarvon Carnarvon Both
4 Elian Terrace 3 Mary H Owen Daughter Sin 12 Carnarvon Carnarvon Both
5 Elian Terrace 3 John R Owen Son Sin 10 Carnarvon Carnarvon Both
6 Elian Terrace 4 David James Head Mar 27 Baptist Minister Pembroke Briddell Both
7 Elian Terrace 4 Ellen James Wife Mar 23 Carnarvon Llanllyfni Welsh
8 Elian Terrace 4 David A James Son 3 Pembroke Briddell Welsh
9 Elian Terrace 4 Georgie L James Son 1 Carnarvon Llanystumdwy
10 Elian Terrace 4 Thomas C James Son 1m Carnarvon Penrhos
11 Elian Terrace 4 Mary Jones Son Sin 15 Domestic Servant Carnarvon Pwllhei Welsh
12 Elian Terrace 4 Thomas James Brother Sin 26 Baptist Student Pembroke Briddell Both
13 Plas John W Davies Head Wid 83 Farmer Emp Carnarvon Pwllhei Both
14 Plas Catherine Davies Daughter Sin 53 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Pwllhei Both
15 Plas Helen W Jackson Grandaughter Sin 26 Flintshire St Asaph Both
16 Caeplan Robert Williams Head Mar 43 Farmer Emp Carnarvon Denio Welsh
17 Caeplan Ellen Williams Wife Mar 48 Carnarvon Llandudwen Welsh
18 Caeplan Annie Pritchard Daughter Sin 22 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
19 Caeplan Hugh Williams Servant Sin 26 Carter on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Llannor Welsh
20 Caeplan William Jones Servant Sin 17 Cattleman on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Denio Welsh
21 Tynyrynn Dorothy W Jones Head Wid 78 Carnarvon Llanaelhaiarn Welsh
22 Tynyrynn Watkin Jones Son Sin 44 Joiner Emp Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
23 Tynyrynn Robert Jones Son Sin 43 Farmer's Son Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
24 Tynyrynn Richard Jones Son Sin 40 Farmer's Son Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
25 Tynyrynn Dorothy Jones Daughter Sin 45 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
26 Fourcrosses House Richard Williams Head Mar 39 Labourer County Road Wkr Carnarvon Abererch Welsh
27 Fourcrosses House Margaret Williams Wife Mar 43 Carnarvon Pwllhei Both
28 Fourcrosses House Maggie Williams Daughter Sin 13 Carnarvon Penrhos Both
29 Fourcrosses House Lewis J Williams Son Sin 11 Carnarvon Penrhos Both
30 Fourcrosses House David L Williams Son 8 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
31 Fourcrosses House Eunice A Williams Daughter 3 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
32 Penygroes 1 Evan R Jones Head Mar 32 Hind on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Llaniestyn Welsh
33 Penygroes 1 Ellen Jones Wife Mar 29 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
34 Penygroes 1 Elizabeth Jones Daughter 5 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
35 Penygroes 1 Ann E Jones Daughter 4 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
36 Penygroes 2 Jane Williams Head Wid 69 Carnarvon Llaniestyn Welsh
37 Penygroes 2 John Williams Son Sin 42 Cattleman on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Rhiw Welsh
38 Castell William Roberts Head Mar 71 Stone Mason and Farmer Emp Anglesey Amlwch Both
39 Castell Elizabeth Roberts Wife Mar 70 Carnarvon Nevin Both
40 Castell Ellen Roberts Daughter Sin 39 Farmer's Daughter Flintshire Llanerchymor Both
41 Castell Eliza A Roberts Daughter Sin 35 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Nevin Both
42 Castell John H Roberts Son Sin 33 Farmer's Son Wkr Carnarvon Nevin Both
43 Castell Ann Griffith Daughter Mar 31 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Nevin Both
44 Castell David J Griffith Grandson 1 Carnarvon Penrhos
45 Castell David Thomas Son Sin 22 Carter on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Llanfaelrhys Welsh
46 Castell David Williams Son Sin 15 General Servant Wkr Carnarvon Nevin Welsh
47 Llaindelyn 1 Robert Roberts Head Mar 56 Quarry Labourer Wkr Carnarvon Carnarvon Both
48 Llaindelyn 1 Jane Roberts Wife Mar 63 Carnarvon Penrhos Both
49 Llaindelyn 1 Robert Roberts B in Law Sin 72 Blind Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
50 Llaindelyn 1 Grace Roberts Daughter Sin 26 Waitress in Refreshment Carnarvon Carnarvon Both
51 Llaindelyn 2 Robert Rowlands Head Mar 64 Nursery Labourer Wkr Carnarvon Rhiw Welsh
52 Llaindelyn 2 Mary Rowlands Wife Mar 63 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
53 Llaindelyn 2 Ellen Rowlands Daughter Sin 38 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
54 Llaindelyn 2 Jane Roberts Grandaughter 10 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
55 Llaindelyn 2 Griffith Roberts Grandson 7 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
56 Llaindelyn 2 Maggie Roberts Grandaughter 4 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
57 Llaindelyn 3 Margaret Williams Head Wid 59 Carnarvon Bryncroes Welsh
58 Llaindelyn 3 Dorothy Williams Daughter Sin 19 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
59 Llaindelyn 3 Ann Jones Mother Wid 84 Carnarvon Bryncroes Welsh
60 Tyddyn Llewelyn Owen G Jones Head Mar 41 Farmer Emp Carnarvon Llanbeblig Both
61 Tyddyn Llewelyn Catherine Jones Wife Mar 51 Carnarvon Llannor Both
62 Tyddyn Llewelyn Annie Williams Daughter Sin 24 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Denio Both
63 Tyddyn Llewelyn Kate Roberts Servant Sin 14 Domestic Servant Carnarvon Llanfihangel B Welsh
64 Tyddyn Llewelyn William Roberts Servant Sin 18 Carter on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Llangian Welsh
65 Tyddyn Llewelyn Thomas Williams Servant Sin 18 Cattleman on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Llangian Welsh
66 Lleiniau David Williams Head Wid 63 Road Surveyor Wkr Carnarvon Llanengan Welsh
67 Lleiniau Mary A Williams Servant Sin 34 Domestic Servant Lancashire Liverpool Both
68 Tycapel Jemima Lewis Wife Mar 39 Carnarvon Pwllhei Both
69 Tycapel Miriam Lewis Daughter 5 Glamorgan Mardy Welsh
70 Minffordd Esther Jones Head Wid 68 Carnarvon Aberdaron Welsh
71 Minffordd Elizabeth Jones Daughter Sin 25 Carnarvon Tydweiliog Both
72 Erw wen Jane Roberts Head Wid 67 Carnarvon Llanfihangel B Welsh
73 Erw wen John P Roberts Grandson Sin 15 Farmer's Son Wkr Carnarvon Llannor Welsh
74 Tynymaes John Jones Head Sin 45 Farmer Wkr Carnarvon Llanfihangel B Welsh
75 Tynymaes Ellen Jones Mother Wid 69 Carnarvon Llaniestyn Welsh
76 Brynmeurig David J Griffith Head Sin 62 Farmer Emp Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
77 Brynmeurig Robert W Griffith Servant Mar 29 Carter on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
78 Brynmeurig William Williams Servant Sin 15 Cattleman on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
79 Brynmeurig Laura Jones Servant Sin 34 Housekeeper on Farm Carnarvon Llannor Welsh
80 Tynewydd William Griffith Head Mar 59 Farmer Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
81 Tynewydd Elizabeth Griffith Wife Mar 55 Carnarvon Llangian Welsh
82 Tynewydd Alice Griffith Daughter Sin 23 Dressmaker OA Carnarvon Llanfihangel B Welsh
83 Typoeth Elizeus Williams Head Sin 59 Farmer Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
84 Typoeth Mary Jones Niece 9 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
85 Typoeth John Jones Nephew 7 Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
86 Pentref Catherine Roberts Head Wid 67 Farming Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
87 Pentref William Roberts Son Wid 38 Hind on Farm Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
88 Pentref Ellen Jones Daughter Mar 30 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
89 Pentref William D Jones S in Law Mar 33 Slate Quarryman Wkr Carnarvon Clynnog Welsh
90 Pentref Owen Owens Relative Sin 60 Mariner Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
91 Pentref Catherine E Roberts Grandaughter 12 Carnarvon Llannor Welsh
92 Pentref Lizzie Roberts Grandaughter 9 Carnarvon Llannor Welsh
93 Tanyfron William Jones Head Mar 55 Master Mariner and Farmer Emp Carnarvon Aberdaron Both
94 Tanyfron Jane Jones Wife Mar 44 Carnarvon Aberdaron Both
95 Tanyfron Jeremiah R Jones Son 9 Carnarvon Carnarvon Welsh
96 Tanyfron Griffith Roberts Servant Sin 22 Ag Lab Wkr Carnarvon Llannor Welsh
97 Tanyfron Judy Jones Servant Sin 18 Domestic Servant Carnarvon Llanengan Welsh
98 Tanycapel Ellen Evans Head Wid 44 Carnarvon Aberdaron Welsh
99 Tanycapel John T Evans Son Sin 22 Joiner Wkr Carnarvon Aberdaron Welsh
100 Tanycapel Richard Williams Relative Wid 57 Labourer Sett Quarry Wkr Carnarvon Aberdaron Welsh
101 Tyddyncaled John Williams Head Mar 61 Farmer Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
102 Tyddyncaled Elizabeth Williams Wife Mar 53 Carnarvon Llanystumdwy Welsh
103 Tyddyncaled Anne Williams Daughter Sin 23 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
104 Tyddyncaled John Williams Son Sin 18 Grocer's Assistant Carnarvon Penrhos Both
105 Tyddyncaled Ellis D Williams Son Sin 16 General Labourer Wkr Carnarvon Penrhos Welsh
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