Key to Table Headings

Enumeration District 1

All that part of the Parish of Llannor which lies within the following Boundary. From Rhydyclafdy Bridge to Gellidara (Penrhos Boundary) along the river to Rhydhir Bridge (including Tyisaf, Hyllech Isaf and Penybont) thence up the river to Bodvel Bridge (comprising Llwyn beuno, Cefn Mine and Bodvel Bach.) Thence along the Turnpike road to Cae'rhos, thence Tyddyn llwydyn (Treuan and Dolpenrhyn) and along the stream (Boundary of Bodvaen Parish) to Rhydyclafdy Bridge, the starting point of Rhydyclafdy Village from the bridge eastward up to Tainewyddion Group of houses.

C Born
P Born
1 Tyddyn Adda William Ellis Head m 46 Farmer 28 acres Carnarvon Llannor
2 Tyddyn Adda Ann Ellis Wife m 46 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llangian
3 Tyddyn Adda Ann Jane Ellis Daughter UM 10 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
4 Tyddyn Adda Gwen Ellis Daughter UM 8 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
5 Tyddyn Adda Elizabeth Ellis Daughter UM 5 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
6 Tyddyn Adda Gayness Ellis Daughter UM 3 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
7 Tyddyn Adda Margaret Prichard Servant UM 18 General Servant Carnarvon Llanbedrog
8 Tyddyn Adda Evan Evans Servant UM 26 Farm Servant Carnarvon Clynnog
9 Tyddyn Adda Robert Ellis Jones Visitor UM 27 Quarryman Carnarvon Llandwrog
10 Tyddyn Adda Isaf Hugh Jones Head m 30 Carpenter/Joiner/Farmer Carnarvon Llannor
11 Tyddyn Adda Isaf Ellen Jones Wife m 28 Carpenter's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
12 Tyddyn Adda Isaf John Jones Son UM 5 Carpenter's Son Carnarvon Llannor
13 Tyddyn Adda Isaf Thomas Jones Son UM 3 Carnarvon Llannor
14 Tyddyn Adda Isaf Margaret Jones Daughter 6m Carnarvon Llannor
15 Tyddyn Adda Isaf Jane Griffith Servant UM 17 General Servant Carnarvon Llanbedrog
16 Hengapel 1 Margaret Jones Head w 68 Labourer's Widow Carnarvon Abererch
17 Hengapel 2 Elizabeth Manley Head w 46 Farmer's Widow Carnarvon NK
18 Hengapel 2 Henry J Manley Son 9 Scholar Carnarvon Llanfihangel
19 Ty Capel Ellen Edwards Head w 57 Labourer's Widow Carnarvon Bodvean Probable age
20 Ty Capel Catherine Edwards Daughter UM 28 Dressmaker Carnarvon Llanfihangel
21 2 Glanrafon Evan Roberts Head m 23 Agri Labourer Carnarvon Llannor
22 2 Glanrafon Ann Roberts Wife m 24 Carnarvon Bottwnog
23 2 Glanrafon Jane Roberts Daughter UM 2 Carnarvon Llanfihangel
24 3 Glanrafon Gwen Evans Head UM 69 Formerly Domestic Servant Carnarvon Llanengan
25 Glandwr William Jones Head m 55 Shopkeeper/Farmer Carnarvon Llanbedrog
26 Glandwr Jane Jones Wife m 34 Shopkeeper's Wife Carnarvon Llangwnadl
27 Glandwr John Jones Son 6 Scholar Carnarvon Llangwnadl
28 Glandwr David Jones Son 5 Carnarvon Llannor
29 Glandwr William Jones Son 3 Carnarvon Llannor
30 Glandwr Griffith Jones Son 1 Carnarvon Llangwnadl
31 Glandwr Ann Evans Visitor UM 29 General Servant Carnarvon Edeyrn
32 Glandwr Catherine Jones Servant UM 20 General Servant Carnarvon Llannor
33 Glandwr Grace Hughes Servant UM 12 Nurse Carnarvon Llannor
34 Glandwr Edward Jones Servant UM 16 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
35 Brittania Jane Williams Wife m 37 Sailor's Wife Carnarvon Llaniestyn
36 Brittania William Williams Son UM 16 Labourer Carnarvon Llaniestyn
37 Brittania Hugh Williams Son UM 9 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
38 Brittania John Williams Son 6 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
39 Royal Oak Robert Owen Head m 30 Inn Keeper Carnarvon Llaniestyn
40 Royal Oak Catherine Owen Wife m 34 Inn Keeper's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
41 Royal Oak Elizabeth Owen Daughter 11 Inn Keeper's Daughter Carnarvon Llandudwen
42 Royal Oak Robert T Owen Son 8 Carnarvon Llandudwen
43 Royal Oak Kate L Owen Daughter 7 Carnarvon Llanfihangel
44 Royal Oak Hugh Williams Lodger UM 22 Shoemaker Carnarvon Llanbeblig
45 Caeclafdy John Griffith Head w 84 Formerly Gardener Carnarvon NK
46 Caeclafdy Margaret Hughes Daughter w 48 Dressmaker Carnarvon NK
47 Caeclafdy Robert Hughes Grandson 8 Scholar Carnarvon NK
48 Glanrafon Lewis G Lewis Head m 38 Shopkeeper Carnarvon Llannor
49 Glanrafon Catherine Lewis Wife m 37 Shopkeeper's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
50 Glanrafon Ellen J Lewis Daughter 11 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
51 Glanrafon Benjamin M Lewis Son 9 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
52 Glanrafon Catherine A Lewis Daughter 5 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
53 Glanrafon William M Lewis Son 2 Carnarvon Llannor
54 Glanrafon Catherine Griffith Servant UM 22 Domestic Servant Carnarvon LLanbedrog
55 Glanrafon Hugh Hughes Servant UM 15 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
56 Tyn'rardd William Thomas Head m 62 Agri Labourer Carnarvon Llanfihangel
57 Tyn'rardd Catherine Thomas Wife m 70 Carnarvon Llanfihangel
58 Tyhwntirafon Laura Griffith Head w 82 Inn Keeper Carnarvon Llanfihangel
59 Tyhwntirafon William Thomas Griffith Son UM 45 Farmer 98 acres Carnarvon Llannor
60 Tyhwntirafon Griffith Roberts S in Law m 56 Victualler and Farmer Carnarvon Llannor
61 Tyhwntirafon Margaret Roberts Daughter m 38 Victualler's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
62 Tyhwntirafon John Williams Servant m 42 Farm Servant Carnarvon Rhiw
63 Tyhwntirafon Catherine Jones Servant 13 General Servant Carnarvon Llanfihangel
64 Bwlchgwyn John Griffith Head UM 71 Farmer 52 acres Carnarvon Llannor
65 Bwlchgwyn Margaret Griffith Sister UM 63 Carnarvon Llannor
66 Bwlchgwyn Ellen Williams Niece 5 Carnarvon Llanfihangel
67 Bwlchgwyn Catherine Jones Servant UM 36 General Servant Carnarvon Abererch
68 Tanybryn 1 Hugh Jones Head m 51 Farmer 22 acres Carnarvon Llannor
69 Tanybryn 1 Ellen Jones Wife m 42 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
70 Tanybryn 1 Ellen Jones Daughter UM 15 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
71 Tanybryn 1 John Jones Son 8 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
72 Tanybryn 2 Griffith Griffiths Head m 59 Farmer 32 acres Carnarvon Llannor
73 Tanybryn 2 Margaret Griffiths Wife m 55 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llanbedrog
74 Tanybryn 2 Thomas Griffiths Son UM 34 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llannor
75 Tanybryn 2 Margaret Davies Niece 4 Carnarvon Clynnog
76 Tanybryn 2 Ellen Jones Servant UM 18 General Servant Carnarvon Bryncroes
77 Penybryn Margaret Williams Head w 57 Labourer's Widow Carnarvon Llanfihangel
78 Penybryn Ebenezer Williams Son UM 19 Agri Labourer Carnarvon Llannor
79 Penybryn Hugh Williams Son UM 16 Agri Labourer Carnarvon Llannor
80 Penybryn Evan Williams Son UM 11 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
81 Gellidara Hugh Hughes Head m 57 Farmer/Calv Min Penrhos Carnarvon Ynyscynhaiarn
82 Gellidara Catherine Hughes Wife m 47 Minister's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
83 Gellidara Anne Hughes Daughter UM 22 Minister's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
84 Gellidara William Hughes Son UM 17 Minister's Son Carnarvon Llannor
85 Gellidara Eliza Hughes Daughter UM 14 Minister's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
86 Gellidara Catherine Hughes Daughter UM 10 Minister's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
87 Gellidara Hugh Hughes Son UM 6 Minister's Son Carnarvon Llannor
88 Gellidara Catherine Tudor Servant UM 18 General Servant Carnarvon LLanbedrog
89 Gellidara John Roberts Servant UM 29 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
90 Gellidara William Jones Servant UM 22 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
91 Gellidara John Roberts Servant m 34 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
92 Gellidara William Elias Servant UM 17 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llanfihangel
93 Gellidara Catherine Rowlands Servant UM 10 General Servant Carnarvon Penrhos
94 Gellidara Robert Owen Visitor m 47 Welsh Calv Meth Minister Carnarvon Llanllyfni
95 Gellidara David Roberts Visitor UM 52 Formerly Labourer Carnarvon Waunfawr Idiot
96 Ty Isaf Ellen Jones Wife m 30 Agri Lab's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
97 Ty Isaf William Jones Son 3 Ag Lab's Son Carnarvon Llannor
98 Ty Isaf John Jones Son 1 Ag Lab's Son Carnarvon Llannor
99 Hyllech Isaf Benjamin T Ellis Head UM 47 Magistrate/Landowner Carnarvon Denio
100 Hyllech Isaf Mary Griffith Servant UM 28 Cook Domestic Servant Carnarvon Llanllyfni
101 Hyllech Isaf Jane Williams Servant UM 28 Housemaid Carnarvon Denio
102 Penybont David Williams Head m 36 Agri Labourer Carnarvon Rhiw
103 Penybont Jane Williams Wife m 32 Carnarvon Bryncroes
104 Penybont William D Williams Son 2 Carnarvon Llannor
105 Llwynbeuno Evan Ellis Head m 72 Farmer Carnarvon Sarn
106 Llwynbeuno Margaret Ellis Wife m 66 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
107 Llwynbeuno Hannah Ellis Daughter UM 25 Farmer's Daughter Lancashire Llannor
108 1 Alltgoch Evan Williams Head m 40 Gardener Carnarvon Denio
109 1 Alltgoch Caroline McIntyre Williams Wife m 32 Gardener's Wife Carnarvon Liverpool
110 1 Alltgoch Jane McIntyre Williams Daughter 4 Carnarvon Ynyscynhaiarn
111 1 Alltgoch Evan McIntyre Williams Son 3m Carnarvon Llannor
112 2 Alltgoch William Jones Head m 57 Farm Labourer Carnarvon Llaniestyn
113 2 Alltgoch Mary Jones Wife m 57 Labourer's Wife Carnarvon Llannor
114 2 Alltgoch Mary Jones Daughter 12 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
115 2 Alltgoch Mary Williams Jones Niece 8 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
116 Hyllech Uchaf Robert Jones Head m 46 Farmer 126 acres Carnarvon Llanengan
117 Hyllech Uchaf Ellen Jones Wife m 37 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llanbedrog
118 Hyllech Uchaf Catherine Jones Daughter 13 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llangian
119 Hyllech Uchaf John Jones Son 11 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llangian
120 Hyllech Uchaf William Jones Son 9 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llangian
121 Hyllech Uchaf Richard Jones Son 7 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llannor
122 Pantglas John Evans Head m 59 Farmer 45 acres Carnarvon Abererch
123 Pantglas Catherine Evans Wife m 59 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llanarmon
124 Pantglas Catherine Evans Daughter UM 22 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
125 Pantglas Evan Evans Servant 13 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llangian
126 Lon Fethel William Roberts Head m 61 Formerly Miller Carnarvon Llanarmon
127 Lon Fethel Mary Roberts Wife m 62 Miller's Wife Carnarvon Llangian
128 Cefn Mine Robert Carreg Head m 35 Magistrate/Landowner Carnarvon Ynyscynhaiarn
129 Cefn Mine Rhoda L Carreg Wife m 22 Carnarvon Abererch
130 Cefn Mine Dorothy W Carreg Daughter 3 Carnarvon Llannor
131 Cefn Mine Robert T Carreg Son 2 Carnarvon Llannor
132 Cefn Mine Edward Carreg Son 1 Carnarvon Llannor
133 Cefn Mine Robert Williams Servant m 47 Coachman Carnarvon Llannor
134 Cefn Mine Elias Hughes Servant UM 15 Stable Boy Carnarvon Llannor
135 Cefn Mine Ellen Jones Servant UM 21 Nurse Carnarvon Abererch
136 Cefn Mine Jane Williams Servant UM 18 Under Nurse Carnarvon Abererch
137 Cefn Mine Laura E Williams Servant UM 19 Housemaid Carnarvon Denio
138 Cefn Mine Catherine Barker Servant UM 26 Cook Carnarvon Denio
139 Cefn Mine Mary Roberts Servant UM 24 Dairy Maid Carnarvon Rhiw
140 Cefn Mine John Jones Servant m 38 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llaniestyn
141 Cefn Mine JohnT Jones Servant UM 19 Farm Servant Carnarvon Rhiw
142 Bodvel Bach William Hughes Head m 30 Farmer 70 acres 2 albs Anglesey Llanlidan
143 Bodvel Bach Mary A Hughes Wife m 32 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Abererch
144 Bodvel Bach David E Hughes Son 5 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llannor
145 Bodvel Bach William E Hughes Son 4 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llannor
146 Bodvel Bach Mary A Hughes Daughter 1 Carnarvon Llannor
147 Bodvel Bach Laura E Hughes Daughter 3m Carnarvon Llannor
148 Bodvel Bach Richard Jones Servant UM 32 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
149 Bodvel Bach Ann Williams Servant UM 12 General Servant Anglesey Brynsiencyn
150 Cottage Hill Evan Owens Head w 42 Farmer 86 acres Carnarvon Meillteyrn
151 Cottage Hill Owen Owens Son UM 21 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llandegwning
152 Cottage Hill John Owens Son UM 19 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llannor
153 Cottage Hill Dorothy W Owens Daughter 12 Scholar Carnarvon Llannor
154 Cottage Hill Griffith Owens Son 2 Carnarvon Llannor
155 Cottage Hill Jane Davies Servant UM 34 General Servant Carnarvon Llannor
156 Brynmoelyn Evan Williams Head w 66 Farmer 64 acres 3 labs Carnarvon Llannor
157 Brynmoelyn Joyce Catherine Williams Daughter UM 20 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Denio
158 Brynmoelyn Robert Davies Stepson UM 26 Farmer's Stepson Carnarvon Nevin Idiot
159 Brynmoelyn Owen Jones Servant m 46 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llangwnadl
160 Brynmoelyn Evan Hughes Servant UM 31 Farm Servant Carnarvon Edeyrn
161 Brynmoelyn William Jones Servant m 35 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llanengan
162 Brynmoelyn Gaynor Richards Servant UM 32 Dairy Maid Carnarvon Llangian
163 Brynmoelyn Catherine Humphreys Servant UM 16 General Servant Carnarvon Nevin
164 Brynmoelyn John Williams Lodger UM 26 Stonemason Anglesey Llansadwrn
165 Caerhos Hugh Williams Head UM 65 Farmer 29 acres Carnarvon Llannor
166 Caerhos Elizabeth Owen Servant UM 55 General Servant Carnarvon Nevin
167 Tyddynllwydyn Robert Humphreys Head m 64 Farmer 49 acres Carnarvon Llannor
168 Tyddynllwydyn Elizabeth Humphreys Wife m 62 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Llangybi
169 Tyddynllwydyn Humphrey Roberts Son UM 35 Agri Labourer Carnarvon Llannor
170 Tyddynllwydyn Margaret Humphreys Daughter UM 21 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
171 Tyddynllwydyn Ellen Humphreys Daughter UM 19 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
172 Tyddynllwydyn William Humphreys Son UM 16 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llannor
173 Treuan Hugh Roberts Head m 47 Farmer 33 acres Carnarvon Llannor
174 Treuan Catherine Roberts Wife m 40 Farmer's Wife Carnarvon Bodvean
175 Treuan Robert Roberts Son UM 12 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Bodvean
176 Treuan Ann Griffith Servant UM 16 General Servant Carnarvon Edeyrn
177 Dolypenrhyn Richard Jones Head w 56 Farmer 186 acres Carnarvon Llanfihangel
178 Dolypenrhyn Mary Jones Daughter UM 25 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Llanfihangel
179 Dolypenrhyn Laura Jones Daughter UM 17 Farmer's Daughter Carnarvon Bryncroes
180 Dolypenrhyn William Jones Son UM 23 Farmer's Son Carnarvon Llanfihangel
181 Dolypenrhyn William Williams Servant UM 17 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llaniestyn
182 Dolypenrhyn Rowland Williams Servant UM 15 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llanbedrog
183 1 Penbrynadda William Thomas Head m 25 Farm Servant Carnarvon Llannor
184 1 Penbrynadda Ellen Thomas Wife m 28 Servant's Wife Carnarvon Bodvean
185 1 Penbrynadda John Thomas Son 4 Servant's Son Carnarvon Llannor
186 1 Penbrynadda Margaret Thomas Daughter 2 Servant's Daughter Carnarvon Llannor
187 2 Penbrynadda Griffith Griffiths Head m 51 Farm Servant Carnarvon Bodvean
188 2 Penbrynadda Mary Griffiths Wife m 53 Servant's Wife Carnarvon Llanfihangel
189 3 Penbrynadda John Evans Head m 44 Farm Servant Carnarvon Aberdaron
190 3 Penbrynadda Mary Evans Wife m 44 Servant's Wife Carnarvon Bodvean
191 3 Penbrynadda Owen Jones S in Law UM 21 Farm Servant Carnarvon Denio
192 3 Penbrynadda John Evans Son UM 7 Carnarvon Bodvean
193 3 Penbrynadda Robert Evans Son UM 5 Carnarvon Bodvean
194 3 Penbrynadda William Evans Son UM 2 Carnarvon Llannor
195 Allt Ddu Evan Thomas Griffith Head m 46 Registrar Carnarvon Llannor
196 Allt Ddu Ellen Griffith Wife m 50 Registrar's Wife Carnarvon Llanfihangel
197 Allt Ddu Thomas P Griffith Son UM 18 Registrar'r Son Carnarvon Llanfihangel
198 Allt Ddu Geyney Hughes Servant UM 19 General Servant Carnarvon Llanbedrog
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