Key to Table Headings

Enumeration District 1

Parish of Denio and Town of Pwllheli. All the houses in Gadlys by Penymount, Penymount, Traeth Street on both sides. Tyeiddew Street on the Northern side, Caroline Square on same side, Kingshead Street both sides, Pentrepoeth including all ********** Chapel and by the Hermitage.

Enumeration District 2

All the houses on the southern side of Tyeiddew Street, Caroline Square on the same side High Street on the same side up to the corner of the Royal Oak. Penlan Street on both sides including that part of Gadlys adjoining Penlan Street, Market Square on both sides and Wesley Street on both sides the Quay and Custom House Square both sides.

Enumeration District 3

All the houses in the High Street Southern side from Ellis Jones' Shoemaker to Mr William Jones' Liquor Merchant, both inclusive and on the North side from Thomas Hughes Druggist to Mr William Rowland Watchmaker both inclusive Church Street on both sides. Lleyn Street on both sides including all the houses in Pentrewank.

Enumeration District 4

All the houses in Gaol Street on both sides, Ala Street on both sides. Gors on both sides. All the houses in Ala Penymaes. All the houses in Penrhydliniog and also all the houses in the Morfa from Gimblet to Robert Parry's House.

Enumeration District 20

All the houses in the Northern side of the Parish of Denio commencing with the Reverand Richards' house and including Pentafig, Penypenmaen, Brymberllan and Berllan.